Andrew's Greenhouse Shop

Flowers won’t solve all the problems. But they are a good thing to start with.

About Us

Andy and Jacqui Cowles

-Store owners

Andrew’s Greenhouse is a third generation family farm owned by Andy and Jacqui Cowles that now specializes in the propagation and retail sale of a wide variety of perennials, annuals, vegetables and herbs.

The garden center is located on 150 acres in picturesque South Amherst, MA. The farm was established in 1856 and the present barn built in 1871. The Cowles family bought the farm in 1920 and over the years has raised various crops, including vegetables, strawberries and hay. In the past, dairy cows and beef cattle were raised on the farm, and today it is home to chickens, cats, a horse and a goat named, Alice.

Enjoy the website, and please join Andy and Jacqui and their enthusiastic and incredibly good looking employees on the farm this spring.


Visit Us:

1184 South East Street, Amherst, MA 01002


Opening April 6, 2020